May 4, 2009

Hello Kitty Pink Satria Neo CPS

pink satria neo cps with hello kitty theme

Hello Kitty Pink Satria Neo CPS

Hello Kitty Pink Satria Neo CPS is not a special version of Proton Satria Neo CPS if you're wondering just now. There's no way Proton will make a Hello Kitty themed version for their car although it'd be every girl's dreams . Hohoho. The image above is just a photoshopped image of the real Satria Neo CPS :P

Satria Neo was introduced in June 2006 as a replacement for the first generation Satria. Based on a new platform developed in-house by Proton, the car is currently only available in a three-door hatchback guise. In February 2009, Satria Neo CPS is launched to replace the top-end H-Line version of Satria Neo. It comes with an aggressively styled body kit and spoiler that pays homage to the Satria GTi

The real image of Proton Satria Neo :P
The Hello Kitty Pink for Satria Neo CPS image was taken with permission from JernihSurf. Thanks! >_<


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