Apr 22, 2009

Hello Kitty Sexy Men's Underwear #2

Hello Kitty Mens Underwear

Another Hello Kitty Men's Underwear? OMG! When you think you had enough with our previous post of Hello Kitty Sexy Men's Underwear, this is what you get!

More designs of Hello Kitty Sexy Men's Underwear but this time they're in white and red colour. Hahaha. Enjoy yourself. Lol :P

Apr 21, 2009

Hello Kitty Porsche Car. What?

The owner is so rich until he/she can easily turns his/her car into a Hello Kitty themed Porsche. This Hello Kitty Porsche can be found in Italy. Freakin' awesome!

Nick Cannon Buying Hello Kitty Stuffs

Nick Cannon is spotted doing some shopping for Hello Kitty stuffs. He is married to Mariah Carey which happens to be a Hello Kitty fan. With his good look, I think he deserves a better woman -_-"
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