Nov 24, 2010

(Pictures) Hello Kitty House

Uni Resort in Hsinchu, Taiwan had its first Hello Kitty Townhouse Hotel opened in July 2008. It is a 2000 square feet townhouse with three bedrooms. The external appearance is extremely cute and it looks like an English townhouse. There are two versions of the houses, one in pink and the other one is in green

Pink model house

Green model house


Jun 25, 2010

Hello Kitty Agip Motor Oil

According to Paultan :

This motor oil is a collaboration between the Hello Kitty franchise owners Sanrio and Rome-based Italian petrochemical retail company AGIP (Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli – General Italian Oil Agency)

I don't own a K-Kar, but if my boyfriend is willing to buy this product for me, I'd love to use it on my own car :P

Apr 4, 2010

Hello Kitty Shop In Malaysia

So, you're looking for Hello Kitty shop in Malaysia, right? You end up coming here through search engine for that keyword. Hehe. I guess you're kinda lucky because I know some of places selling Hello Kitty products in Malaysia. I mean, online shop -____-"

These are the blogs selling Hello Kitty products online. Have a look
I think that's all for now. New stores will be added if I discover great blog/website selling Hello Kitty stuffs. Or if you know any other blog, do drop some comment. Thanks

Mar 30, 2010

Hello Kitty Cigarette Lighter + Charger

Hello Kitty cigarette lighter is one of Hello Kitty product that you can add to your Hello Kitty collection. While serving as the cigarette lighter it also acts as cellphone charger

The cute Hello Kitty car cigar lighter charger for cell phones fits most in-vehicle power port sockets.It provides power to your cell phone while driving. Charges cell phone to 90% capacity within 2 - 3 hours. The Hello Kitty car cigar lighter is made from ABS plastic and is small and lightweight for convenience, portability and storage. Hello Kitty car cigar lighter is compatible with most of the Japanese mobile phones and measures 3x8.5x11.5 cm and is compatible with DC12/24V

Source : Fareastgizmos

Hello Kitty Bed for Pets

Hello Kitty bed is now available for your pets. Get your cats or dogs sleep in this pink & sweet Hello Kitty bed

Don't forget to dress up your dogs with Hello Kitty dog clothes and your cats with Hello Kitty cat accessories. LOL
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